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Social Services

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Eyeyabantu Girls Programme
We work with girls in building their self-esteem and self worth through the power of peer group support. We cultivate a sense of belonging and sisterhood through releasing the shame around experiences of gender-based violence and adverse childhood experiences.
Philisa Boys Programme
We create a safe and nurturing space for boys to identify, express their emotions in a healthy way. We use boxing, soccer, horse riding and hiking as tools to channel difficult experiences and build barriers to trauma and create more self-regulated individuals.
Isizwe Parenting Programme
We work closely with the parents and guardians of our youth programmes. Sustainable impact is seen when having high parental involvement. We provide monthly parent workshops covering topics from discipline, communication, safety and inner child healing.
Funda Education Programme
Inala offers a weekly education support programme to help youth build confidence in literacy and arithmetic. We also assist our youth with exam preparation to address anxiety and stress.
Safer Spaces Programme
We provide individual and family counselling for parents, guardians, youth and teachers. Providing a safe space where individuals can receive dedicated psychosocial support from our therapeutic team and learn tools to cope with life stressors.
Nature Therapy Programme
Nature therapy is a core part of all our programmes. Spending regular time in nature has proven to decrease anxiety and is a useful tool to practise mindfulness through engaging in sounds, sights, and breath away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Alumni Programme
Selected Philisa and Eyeyabantu participants who have graduated enter our Alumni Programme. They remain beneficiaries of the Nourishment programme, Isizwe parenting programme, funda education and safer spaces programmes. We continue to support participants from their primary to tertiary education.
Nourishment Programme
75% of our participants don’t receive three square meals a day. Nutrition is a vital part of psychosocial and physical development. We run monthly food and grocery pack deliveries to our participants in need.

Private Services

In-person or virtually, we offer professional psycho-social counselling services to children, adults and families experiencing a crisis, trauma, stress, burnout and more. We work collaboratively with our clients to build resilience and find healthy ways to work through their struggles.

Corporate Services

We collaborate with corporate companies of all sizes to design and implement mental wellbeing programmes. We are also available to develop mental wellbeing workshops and can offer private counselling services to employees.

Events & Workshops

Inala creates workshops and events around mental wellbeing, open to the public to attend. We tailor workshops and talks around mental wellbeing for your group or your organisation. Follow us on social media or return to this page for updates.