Inala Mental Health Foundation

Together, Changing Minds.

Working alongside individuals, groups and communities to co-create wellbeing.

Who we are

Inala is a registered not-for-profit company supporting individuals, groups, families and the broader community in their mental health and overall wellbeing.

What we do

Inala provides educational and psycho-social services to youth, individuals, families and communities to prevent and address adverse mental health.

Get involved

Inala offers a variety of ways to get involved. From volunteering and learnerships, to making a tax-deductible financial contribution in support of our mission.

about us

Building resilience and creating mental wellbeing

Inala believes we can build sustainable and thriving communities, families and individuals when we prioritise our own mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. When we are supported and nurtured to create mental wellbeing for ourselves, we are better able to integrate life’s challenges as opportunities to learn, grow and transcend. Healthy, resilient, self-regulated individuals are the foundations on which prosperous, healthy societies are built.

Our services

Social Services
Creating safe, nurturing spaces for at-risk youth to build the mental resilience they need to rise above their circumstances and make positive choices for their lives.
Private Services
We offer individual counselling, play, nature and group therapy. We aim to equip individuals with an emotional tool kit to navigate life stress in a healthy way.
Corporate Services
We work with corporate institutions through educating working teams about personal development and leadership. We aim to empower their individuals with tools to manage psychological stress and burnout.
Events & Workshops
We run events and workshops to engage in shared empathetic exchanges focused on resilience and expressions of vulnerability. We also work with organisations to develop workshops based on the needs of the community.

Invest in Mental Wellbeing

Together, Changing Minds.

Inala operates on the investment of corporate companies, private donors and funding campaigns to support our mental wellbeing programmes and initiatives. We aim to partner with individuals and organisations who see their investment in Inala as a vital contribution to a more resilient and healthier society. Professional and quality mental health care is an under-resourced space in South Africa. Our mission is to bridge the gap and impact the lives of those most in need, by giving hope and support to individuals and communities that are not able to access these spaces.

Our Impact

"Inala is a safe place where they will help you on your journey to find yourself. Inala has helped me on my journey to find myself and stay true to myself.”

– Aatiqah, 13, Eyeyabantu Alumni member
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Awesome Services!
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Sophia Lawrence
Awesome Services!
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Arianna Morgan

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Investing in mental health is investing in healthy societies.

Inala relies on the support of organisations and the public to fulfill our mission to support individuals in building resilience and creating mental wellbeing.