Inala Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Response

SA lockdown

Since the implementation of South Africa’s nation-wide lockdown on the 27th of March, Inala Foundation has been hard at work to adapt our services to meet the needs of our beneficiaries. As part of Inala Foundation’s COVID-19 relief response- we have devised a Home Programme which has included virtual systems of support and a family feeding support programme.

Inala has shifted all communications with the beneficiaries to online modes of contact. Online messaging and calls with the beneficiaries have been offered to extend our support and services, during a time of high anxiety and worry that faces the world and the learners at home. This has included ongoing weekly calls with each beneficiary, checking in with their emotional state, and empowering them with practical tools to cope during lockdown at home. One beneficiary in Grade 7 stated: “I feel really good about you calling because no one really asks how I am doing. I miss school so much and the group, but when you call, I feel less sad and worried. I know that I can use my journal now to write down all that I feel.”

The family feeding support is an ongoing programme that has reached out to the majority of our families who have been affected by the lack of income being generated during lockdown, making it difficult to purchase basic necessities for their families. From generous donations, Inala has been able to provide virtual vouchers for families to purchase from their local supermarkets. One family stated: “Thank you very much Inala Team, your help came at the right time because I have no food in my cupboard and don’t even have money to buy.” At Inala we strive to continue supporting our beneficiaries during this time, and ongoing work continues behind the scenes to adapt to the changes we face in these uncertain times.

Inala Mental Health Foundation

Who we are

Inala is a registered non-profit company focusing on mental health and wellbeing. We believe that by shifting the mental state of an individual, we can impact directly on their ability to make positive choices, actions and relationships. Based in Mowbray, Cape Town, we offer mental health intervention methods to individuals, groups and families. At Inala, we have a family-centred approach, working with the individual and their closest support system to have a more impacting and sustainable change effect.


Our Vision

We believe in creating a safe space where individuals, families and communities can realise, recognise and actualise their truest and fullest life potential.

We believe that by shifting the mental state of an individual, we can impact directly on their ability to make positive choices, actions and relationships.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide educational and psycho-social welfare services to youth individuals, families and communities to prevent and address mental health. We aim to achieve this through preventative and curative therapeutic work with our beneficiaries.

Inala Programs

Nurturing mental health and well being

Inala requires funding for a holistic program that aims to create safe spaces as well as challenge narratives for impoverished communities, schools, families and children in the Woodstock area and its surrounds.

The aim is to support and help young people – particularly, youth at risk. The way Inala significantly impacts a school-going individual is through working with the child’s closest support system. This includes their parents/caregivers, their school system and teachers as well as their peers.

Learn more about our programs and how Inala grows sustainable change.


Inala Internship

Get involved

At Inala we pride ourself on working at a grassroots level in all our programs. As an intern, you will experience a variety of therapeutic interventions to complement your theoretical understanding of social work/psychology.

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